Postgraduate Programmes

Our suite of postgraduate programmes are designed with you in mind.  Led by our Dean, Dr Margaret Fitzsimons, our faculty are a dynamic mix of industry professionals and academic experts. Whether you are in a leadership position now, or hope to be in the future, these programmes are right for you.  If you are looking for a postgraduate qualification in Alternative Investments , Compliance, Culture, Risk, Financial Planning, or Alternative Investments, one of the programmes below will be of interest to you.  

What is unique about our model, is flexibility.  All our students are full-time professionals and our programmes allow you to undertake part-time studies while continuing to work in demanding fields. Each programme is grounded in industry relevance and academic rigour. Our programmes can also lead to internationally recognised industry designations including: Charted Banker and Certified Financial Planner.

Commencing in September 2019

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Our Professional Diploma in Advanced Banking Risk Management programme is the Institute’s premier Senior Banking Risk Management programme and is specifically designed for senior risk and compliance professionals who are working in senior risk management, compliance or related roles in banking, financial institutions or providing risk management advisory services to banks. Our risk management education partner PRMIA (the globally recognised leader in risk management education ) has fully accredited the programme for their internationally recognised APRM award.  At the strategic level, you will have an understanding of the sources and nature of the key risks inherent in the banking model and the inter-relationships between those risks.  You will also analyse the current global best practice risk management approaches with a view to gaining an understanding of the regulatory imperatives that drive risk management in banking.

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The nature of products being sold requires deep understanding of processing and handling investor transactions and interactions.  The Professional Diploma in Applied Alternative Investments is designed to enhance your knowledge and skills, particularly in the areas of regulation and valuation. 

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The MSc in Financial Services is ideal for financial services professionals who are in leadership positions, or who aspire to leadership roles. It is designed to develop a critical understanding of managerial challenges and opportunities in the globalised financial services industry.

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This programme aims to provide you with a critical appreciation of contemporary issues influencing the formulation of policy and regulation which impacts on the operations and viability of banking institutions. Attention will be given to ethics and corporate governance, the banking model, and risk management to support sustainable banking business models.

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The aim of the MSc in Banking is to develop industry focused graduates with the necessary intellectual and practical capability to manage and lead a bank and have the knowledge, ability and critical thinking skills to manage a sustainable banking business model.

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The aim of this programme to provide participants with the knowledge and capabilities required to deal with some of the complexities (credit risk, customer relationship management) and challenges (technology, debt and insolvency management) of operating within the sector.

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The Professional Diploma in Leading Cultural Change and Ethical Behaviour in Financial Services is aimed at senior managers in financial services working across a range of roles and functions. The programme will provide senior managers with the knowledge and tools to lead and embed effective cultures in their organisations.

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Increasing regulation in the Data Protection space means that compliance practitioners operating in this complex environment must fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities of ensuring ethical and legal compliance within this regulation while contributing to wider organisational objectives.  This programme will generate an awareness of competing approaches to data protection and use empirical evidence to inform the design and implementation of a best-practice data protection framework.

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As the range and complexity of investment outlets increases, there is a growing worldwide awareness of the importance of consistent financial planning to serve the needs of consumers. This programme considers the current economic and political environment to ensure that financial planning professionals develop rigorous international competency, ethics and professional standards.

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New technologies, increased competition, expanding markets and heightened regulatory requirements in the financial services sector has led many banks and insurance companies to modify and extend their service offerings in a more complex business environment.  Consequently, there is a need for individuals who possess skills and expertise in managing clients’ investments at an advanced level.  This programme will provide a detailed examination of the theoretical and practical elements of investment assets, investment markets and market participants.

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The Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning is a six module postgraduate (level 9) education programme offered by the Institute of Banking which is a recognised college of UCD. It is designed for those working in, or who would like to develop a career in, financial planning and wealth management. It is for those who wish to develop their financial planning knowledge and skills to the highest international standards and go beyond the QFA.

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