The Institute of Bankers in Ireland is a company limited by guarantee, registered under Part 18 of the Companies Act 2014, and does not have a share capital. It trades as The Institute of Banking. It is a not-for-profit organisation. The Institute is governed by a board of directors known as the Council. The President, who chairs Council, and Deputy President ex officio, and an Independent Council member are elected at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting. Corporate members of the Institute appoint and elect some members to the Council, while certain categories of professional members of the Institute elect others.

The Institute’s governance regulations are contained in its Constitution, Bye-Laws and Corporate Governance Statement. You can read these and other information under Documents.

Our Council



Clive Bellows
Northern Trust

Deputy President

Jane Howard
Ulster Bank

Vice President

Rob Warnock

June Butler
Amelia Casey
Clare Duignan
Derek Horgan
Jennie Power
James Lidierth
David McCormack

Brian Delahunty
Carol Lawton
Finbar Gaffney
Denis Stevenson
Andrew Walsh
Rob Warnock
Olive White