Educate, enable and empower

Table of Contents

Our focus on five key areas of work

Our Strategic Priorities

We will focus our efforts on five areas of work over the course of this strategy. By concentrating on these areas we will be true to our purpose and work towards achieving a community of professionals educated, enabled and empowered to deliver financial services to the highest standards, so contributing to better outcomes for customers.

Our strategic priorities are underpinned by a commitment to diversity and inclusion and to advancing education in a digital world.


We will respond to members’ needs in the rapidly changing financial services industry.

Our actions to achieve this:

  • Introduce a range of new accredited education programmes in cultural change in financial services and in digital business in financial services, augmented by short sprint courses.
  • Maintain and develop our portfolio of core accredited education programmes in risk management, regulation, compliance, financial advice, financial planning and wealth management and our specialist executive education programmes, aimed at board director and senior executives.
  • Develop tailored education programmes for relevant public service functions and as well as a public interest initiative.


We will enable and empower life-long learning and support our members throughout every stage of their career.

Our actions to achieve this:

  • Develop a new dynamic eco-system that tracks and certifies continuing professional development and lifelong learning, supporting career profile recognition across a wide reach of financial services.
  • Expand, create and deliver a range of micro and sprint learning programmes that are relevant, innovative and impactful throughout a career cycle in banking, investment funds and financial services.
  • Explore a new, innovative financial services industry platform that could provide verification of educational qualifications, lifelong learning, regulatory and professional designations.
  • Enhance the member value proposition and experience to retain and attract members, creating a sense of valued belonging, pride in the profession and connection amongst members.


We will further develop our education faculty, quality and learning methods.

Our actions to achieve this:

  • Maintain and deepen our valued relationship as a Recognised College with University College Dublin.
  • Continue enhancement of our Teaching and Learning Strategy and our quality assurance framework.
  • Maintain and develop our education model, including the associate faculty, to provide a cost effective modular outcome-based curriculum to students.
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion is reflected in our education programmes.
  • Develop our education delivery, embracing digital developments and student experience in a digital world (including blended and active learning, e-learning, recorded and live lectures, short sprint and micro-learning).


We will develop a compelling education proposition for the investment funds sector.

Our actions to achieve this:

  • In partnership with the Investment Funds Sector we will design and create an expanded suite of accredited education programmes and short sprint courses, benchmarked against international offerings.
  • Explore a professional designation model for the Investment Fund Sector, empowering lifelong learning as an essential feature of the proposition.


We will ensure a sustainable, high-performance organisation.

Our actions to achieve this:

  • Redesign our organisational structure to make future-fit and invest in our staff development.
  • Review our brand strategy and strengthen our capabilities in communications and in customer engagement.
  • Complete a business transformation programme: automate more of our business processes to improve the student and member experience and replace our technology systems.
  • Become a leading digital organisation.