Professional Diploma in Digital Transformationin Financial Services

Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation in Financial Services

This programme is relevant to all areas of the financial services sector, in particular international financial services, fund management and all areas of banking. Learners will be at managerial and leadership level or aspiring to a leadership role.

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While financial services organisations have begun to embark on their digital transformation journeys, there are challenges. Legacy systems, processes, and crucially, thought leadership has significant impact on the success of transformation initiatives. Client and customers’ expectations and business efficiencies are the two big drivers that are dominating the digital transformation agenda. This programme is designed to give you the skills to succeed in the opportunistic environment that digital transformation presents, by enabling you to create a strategic transformation approach and to build a dynamic and agile culture in your team, unit or enterprise.

Benefits to you and your organisation


On successful completion of this programme, you will be able to;

  • Explain the theory and practice underpinning Digital Transformation and the reasons why digital technology is changing business strategy

  • Outline how the application of advanced analytics and cognitive technologies can drive operating efficiencies and enhance an organisation’s value proposition

  • Design a strategy for a radical simplification programme in a financial services organisation

  • Ascertain and evaluate the strategic challenges and opportunities of Digital Transformation for financial services organisations (traditional and FinTechs)

  • Communicate the current financial services ecosystem, to specialist and non-specialists, along with illustrating how emerging technologies impact financial services organisations

  •  Critically reflect on their professional role and contribution to financial organisations in the context of Digital Transformation (DT) in financial services (and related sectors).


"Immersing in customer needs, taking advantage of new technologies, driving efficiencies and transparency while building value for customers and communities are but some of the objectives we need to harness and execute against. The programme will enable current and future financial services leaders, across the sector, conceptualise, define and execute transformation”.

Garvan Callan Strategist, Innovator and Transformation Advisor Principle - ONEzero1


You study three modules as follows:


01. Strategy and Culture in a Digital Transformation Environment (NFQ Level 9, 10 ECTS)

  • The Digital & Open Marketplace
  • Building a Digital Transformatino Strategy
  • Developing a Digital Culture

02. Digital Assets and Operating Model (NFQ Level 9, 10 ECTS)

  • The Digital Business Model
  • The Digital Operating Model
  • Digital Asset Management

03. Designing and Delivering Digital Transformation (NFQ Level 9, 10 ECTS)

  • Digital Transformation - Skills, Methods & Tools
  • Executing Digital Transformation
  • Driving Business Outcomes


View all modules, themes and topics in more detail;


When you successfully complete this programme you will be awarded a Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation in Financial Services (level 9) from UCD.


Curriculum & Assessment

100% Continuous Assessment.


Entry Requirements

The minimum entry requirements are;

  • An Honours degree (second class honours grade 2 award or higher) in a business or relevant cognate discipline
  • An Honours degree (second class honours grade 2 award or higher) in a non-business (or relevant cognate) discipline plus three years’ experience in a relevant role in financial services
  • Exceptionally, students without a third level qualification but with extensive and demonstrable relevant financial services experience may also be admitted to the programme on a case-by case basis



€1,600 per module


Professional Body Membership

You must be a current member of The Institute or become a member to undertake this programme. Membership is currently €40 per calendar year.


Programme Commencement

September 2019


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