Customised Board/Senior Executive Development Programmes

Customised Board/Senior Executive Development Programmes

Dr Kate Cullen and our expert faculty team will partner with you to design programmes tailored to your objectives, building the specific skill sets that you and your board / executive team need to drive your organisation to success. 

There are a number of key components to the successful design and delivery of customised development programmes:

1. Understanding the organisation’s needs and objectives

In designing customised development programmes, Dr Cullen will meet with the key individual championing the specific programmes within the organisation to explore the challenges or opportunities facing the organisation. Dr Cullen will work with the key individual  / organisation to determine the learning objectives of the programme. 

2. Programme Director Assignment

Arising from an assessment of the learning objectives, Dr Cullen will assign a subject matter expert or experts from within the Executive Education faculty as Programme Director to direct the training programme.

3. Customised Development Programme Design and Delivery

Dr Cullen in conjunction with the subject matter expert will develop the curriculum and learning materials. Every aspect of a customised programme is tailored to optimise learning and enjoyment by programme participants. We can customise the programme in terms of:

  • Content: client specific challenges; client’s real business examples and/or case studies incorporated where relevant
  • Delivery Methodology/Strategy: case-based; use of role-play or game-based activities; use of psychometric assessments
  • Participants: alignment with talent progression and succession plans/strategies

Throughout the delivery of the programme, Dr Cullen will communicate regularly with the organisation to ensure that the training is meeting objectives. Formal feedback will be sought from participants following programme completion. 

4. Closing the loop

One to two months following completion of the programme, Dr Cullen will meet with the organisation to reflect on the programme and the related learning outcomes and participant experiences.  

Executive Education are interested in developing training across a range of areas. While not exhaustive, our faculty has particular competencies in the following:

  • Technical banking training
  • Business Ethics
  • Improving Board and/or board committee effectiveness
    • Behavioural
    • Processual
    • Decision-making
    • Minute taking
    • Performance / conformance balance
  • Preparing for or getting the most out of a board effectiveness review
  • Improving engagement between the board and management
  • Critical thinking in the boardroom and beyond
  • Leading organisations / Innovative leadership
  • Business Strategy and Strategic Agility
  • Bank Strategy
  • Effecting cultural change
  • Organisational Culture

To arrange a meeting to discuss your customised training requirements, please contact:

Dr Kate Cullen, Director of Executive Education
Email: [email protected]
Ph: 00 353 1 6116559