Parchment Information

Parchment Information

Name on Parchment:  If you are a previous student of UCD, any parchment issued to you will be in the name you registered previously with UCD. 

If you wish to have your name changed you should contact the conferring unit in UCD or log on to for details on how to have your name updated on UCD’s system.

Once the parchments are posted out to the student’s correct address, it is the students responsibility to follow up with An Post should they not receive their parchment.

If you require a replacement parchment you can log on to

Graduates from level 8 or 9 15+ ECTS credit programmes are normally invited to attend our annual Graduation Ceremony in October each year.  Students will receive their parchments at the Graduation Ceremony, those in abstentia will receive their parchment after the ceremony.     

Please see table below for timeline for despatch of parchments following January, May and September examinations for all level 7 programmes and level 8 and 9 programmes with less than 15 ECTS credits:

Delivery Timelines 
  January 2018
(Semester 1 exams)
May 2018
(Semester 2 exams)
September 2018
(Semester 3 exams)
UCD conferring in abstensia April 2018 September 2018 December 2018
Despatch of parchments to students End of May 2018 End of October 2018

End of January 2019