Appealing exam results

Procedures for appealing examination results are as follows:.

Level 7 Programmes

The procedures for appealing an examination result are outlined in the steps below:

  1. Recheck

    During a recheck, marks awarded for each question are recounted, all sections of examinations materials (including assessment) have been marked, all marks have been entered and combined accurately and that the correct barcode has been assigned to candidate’s examination materials.
    You can find details of the recheck process, including how to request a review here. You can download the form you need to request a recheck here.

  2. Review
    During a review, the examiner reconsiders in detail all or part of the existing exam material. They provide a detailed report on the candidate’s script indicating where the candidate lost marks in relation to the marking scheme or grading criteria.
    To avail of a review a student must write to the Institute describing the reasons why they are requesting a review.
    You can find details of the review process, including how to request a review here. You can download the form you need to request a review here.
  3. Appeal
    If a student is not satisfied with the outcome of the review, they can submit an appeal using the process outlined below.

Level 8 and 9 Programmes

Students wishing to appeal assessment results to programmes at level 8 and 9 should review the following documentation:

  1. An overview of the Appeals Process
  2. Detail procedures for an appeal
  3. The Appeals Application Form