Are you an agile leader?

Uncertainty and change have become the new normal. Future threats and opportunities are harder to predict across the globe and this is demanding a different skill-set of those in leadership positions. How can we be agile to respond such a complex environment, while maintaining our composure?

Our leadership and executive coaching programme Leading with Agility can develop you as a leader and help you navigate your role and team during periods of transformation, complexity and challenge.

We are now welcoming applications for October 2019

Watch our video to find out more about Leading with Agility from the Programme Director Eadine Hickey and hear from some of our past participants Kate Brady, Kevin Curley and Elena Day


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Who is this programme for?

The programme is intended for aspiring directors who are part of the organisation’s succession planning process.

The programme will enhance their leadership capacity and agility enabling them to lead and empower at a time of transformational change in the industry and deliver on customer needs and business priorities.

How will you benefit

On successful completion of this programme, participants will:

– Understand their current level of leadership agility and how to enhance it through a robust 360 process as well as experimentation in and outside of the programme environment

– Cultivate greater composure and sense of purpose when dealing with uncertainty and complexity, at a time of transformational change

– Understand and navigate the forces at play in the system, empowering and collaborating with others to achieve their leadership purpose

Programme Highlights

– Eight month programme running from October 2019 to May 2020

– Four 1 day interactive workshops leveraging the adaptive leadership approach from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government

– Three 1-1s with an Executive Coach to explore participant’s goals for the programme and their leadership agility®

– Two masterclasses on ‘Biases in Decision-making’, and ‘Leading People Towards a Purpose’ with guest faculty

– Three 1-1s with an organisational sponsor to align with organisational personal development and succession plans

– A close-out 1-1 Executive Coaching call to reflect on the participant’s experience of the programme and how they will apply it.


– October 2019 Programme launch

– November 2019 Module 1 Leadership in Perspective

– November 2019 to January 2020 Leadership Agility® 360

– January 2020 Module 2 Diagnosing Leadership Challenges

– March 2020 Module 3 Intervening Effectively

– May 2020 Leading People towards a purpose

– May 2020 Reflection & Clarification of Leadership Purpose


The programme fee is €8,000 Part funding may be available for eligible applicants through IFS Skillnet. For more information see

Interested? Next Steps

For further information on this programme please contact:

Denise King

Programme Manager Executive Education

T: +353 (0)1 6116536 E: [email protected]