Are you an agile leader?

Uncertainty and change have become the new normal. Future threats and opportunities are harder to predict across the globe and this is demanding a different skill-set of those in leadership positions. How can we be agile to respond such a complex environment, while maintaining our composure?

Jennifer Garvey-Berger (Simple Habits for Complex Times, 2016) suggests that these three competencies are key:

  • Ask different questions
  • Take multiple (and challenging) perspectives
  • See the system (zoom out).

From a place of composure, we are better equipped to pause for thought, to observe the dynamics at play from a systemic perspective, to interpret the data and signals we observe, to initiate experiments leading to new learning and ultimately to intervene more effectively.

Behavioural change is hard for us to truly cultivate. It requires (among other things) self-awareness to understand our assumptions, our biases, the default questions we ask as well as a curiosity to understand how the picture looks to others. A starting point for us all today, may be to expose ourselves to different and challenging beliefs and to be curious about them (acknowledging the discomfort).

The Institute of Banking is currently accepting applications for its Executive Education programme, Leading with Agility. Further information is available in the programme brochure

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