Professional Diploma in Banking Operations and Digital NEW

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Who is this programme for?

This programme has been developed for financial services personnel working in operations and service support roles who wish to advance their studies in the area of digital transformation, lean operations and financial crime prevention.

The programme seeks to develop an understanding of lean methodologies, and the digital transformation taking place in financial services.

The programme also considers the increased risk of financial crime, in particular in a digital environment.

How you benefit

On completing the Professional Diploma in Banking Operations and Digital, graduates will be expected to be able to:
– Describe the relationship between business processes, digital technology and data management, in the context of financial services operations noting key stakeholder perspectives: Clients/Customers, Central Bank of Ireland, Financial Services Ombudsman, Data Protection Commissioner, etc.

– Outline current digital technologies applied in financial services business processes and operations and explain the critical risks and vulnerabilities which must be managed.

– Explain the theory and practice underpinning financial services operations (including manufacturing) and the importance of data analytics and lean management.
– Compare and interpret the different kinds and forms of data and how data relates to information, business intelligence for decisionmaking and / or predictive modelling.
– Design and implement strategies incorporating lean principles and financial crime control policies to enhance service provision and effectiveness.
– Ascertain the risks (fraud, crime etc.), advantages and disadvantages for financial services providers of using digital channels and technology to deliver products and services.
– Collect, organise and use data to identify and implement process improvements for operational or organisational efficiency and or enhanced customer service.
– Advise on techniques and intelligence strategies which could be applied to enhance the organisation’s operational efficiency and ensure reduced exposure to financial crime.
– Prepare concise reports in response to well-defined questions or problems.
– Communicate effectively (orally and in writing) to key stakeholders (employers, peers, clients, regulators, law enforcement agencies) the essence of effective banking operations.


Six modules:

– Lean Principles and Practice* (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS)
– Implementing Lean Principles* (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS)
– Financial Crime Prevention (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS)
– Digital Financial Services (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS)
– Introduction to Data Analytics for Financial Services (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS)
– Applications of Data Analytics in Digital Financial Services* (NFQ Level 7, 5 ECTS).


When you successfully complete this programme you will be awarded a Professional Diploma in Banking, Operations and Digital (level 7) from UCD.


The programme will be delivered via eLearning and lectures.
Details and schedules for the delivery for each module are set out in the study guides accompanying each module.



  • Modules on the programme will be assessed through a combination of continuous assessment and or examination.
    Details of the assessment for each module are set out in students’ study guide which they receive at the commencement of each module.

* These modules are assessed by 100% continuous assessment.

Entry requirements

  • The minimum second level educational requirements for entry to the Professional Diploma in Financial Advice are as follows:
    -    Five passes in the Leaving Certificate, including English and Mathematics
    -    Five O Level/GCSE passes, including English Language and Mathematics.
    The Institute will also consider applications on a mature candidate basis from applicants who are 23 years of age before the date of their application for admission to the programme.
  • You must be a member of the Institute or become a member to do this programme


– Lean Principles and Practice €510  
– Implementing Lean Principles €510
– Financial Crime Prevention €500
– Digital Financial Services €550
– Introduction to Data Analytics for Financial Services €550
– Applications of Data Analytics in Digital Financial Services €550


If you are a CPD member, LCOI or Chartered Banker, you may be awarded formal CPD hours when you successfully complete relevant modules within this qualification.


Further information is available here.