Top 5 Customer Service queries





September is a busy time for our students. Not only are people beginning their studies with us, but also, many people are sitting their exams in September too. To give you a flavour about what kinds of questions we’re being asked this month, we’ve asked our Customer Service Manager, Gail Richardson, to give us a run-down of the top 5 queries.


First up, what is the closing date for Semester 1 2017/18 (January 2018 assessment)?

The closing date for Level 8 programmes is 15 September 2017 and for Level 7 22 October 2017. You can find the details of each of our undergraduate programmes here.
Our key dates for 2017/18, including all closing dates, can also be found here

...So, now that people are still in time for closing dates how do they register?

Can I scan and email my registration form?

Yes! We welcome all registration forms to [email protected] 

When will I receive my manual?

If you are registered on or before the Semester Start date 02 October you will receive your manual within 10 working days from the date you receive your order confirmation.

...They’re our most common questions for new students, what about the all-important exam questions?

When will the results from the Summer term (September exams) be released?

  • Provisional Results for Multiple Choice exams (MCQ) will be released on 06 October 2017
  • Provisional Results for Written exams will be released 13 October 2017

Again, you’ll find information about our key dates here

How I know that my results have been released?

There’s nothing worse than anxiously refreshing a page, waiting for results.  All students will receive a text and email alert to let them know their results are available on My Institute.
Hopefully this gave you an insight into what your colleagues are asking about, and maybe, answered some questions for you.  If you’d like more information on any of our programmes or our Customer Service team can help you with anything, please contact us on [email protected] 


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