CPD and the summer...

We’re realistic. We know you are not going to be thinking about your CPD hours when you’re lapping up the sun on a beach in Portugal or gorgeous Connemara for that matter.


However, though there’s much to enjoy during the long summer days and nights, sometimes, just sometimes, there’s the odd spare day to get through. That’s when we want you to think of us! What better way to while away a few hours than catching up with your CPD…


And if you could manage 12 short hours (the time flies, honestly) by 30th September we’ll enter your name in a draw for a fantastic new iPad.


It’s a win-win really.


Here’s some ways we can help:

  • Visit our online CPD portal – eCPD.  The online modules have been enhanced with audio, video and animation and are accessible on tablets.
  • We have a number of events coming up which are eligible for CPD hours. Click here for further information.
  • The CPD Annual Update Manual will be available in August. Remember reading this update counts for up to 4 hours.
  • Complete the Foundation Certificate.  It’s accredited for 2 hours, of which 1 is relevant to Ethics. Click here for further information.
  • Any in-company training or other external events? Check with your company for events that are CPD approved.


To find out more:

  • Login to My Institute here
  • Click on your designation/scheme under the CPD tab and go to eCPD or Downloads.

If you have any queries in relation to CPD, please contact us at cpd@iob.ie or +353 1 611 6500.


Please note:

The competition is open to QFAs, APAs, Grandfathers and Registered Stockbrokers with a requirement of 15 CPD hours in 2017 only. 
The winner will be notified in October and announced on our website. 

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