What is a Registered Stockbroker?

The Registered Stockbroker scheme arose following agreement between the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) and its member firms to transfer the previous Registered Person scheme operated by the Exchange (which covered both Registered Representatives and Registered Stockbrokers) to the Institute of Banking effective from January 2009. 

Registered Persons, i.e. Registered Representatives and Registered Stockbrokers who transferred from the Exchange, and subsequently, those who complete the Professional Certificate in Stockbroking are eligible to join the scheme and also apply for the Accredited Product Adviser (APA) designation, subject to agreeing to comply with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

In addition, members who also meet certain designation criteria are entitled to use the designation ‘Registered Stockbroker’.  

Members who hold the APA designation and/or the Registered Stockbroker designation and who comply with the CPD scheme will meet their CPD obligations under the Central Bank of Ireland’s Minimum Competency Code.  

The Minimum Competency Code applies to persons advising consumers on, and/or carrying out other specified functions in relation to, certain retail financial products.

There are more than 600 members on the Registered Stockbroker scheme currently in Ireland.