Finbar Gaffney


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Finbar Gaffney



Finbar is actively involved with the Institute of Banking for over 20 years. He lectured for the Institute of Banking across a range of subjects. Finbar is currently a member of the Eastern Area Membership Services Committee.


Finbar worked in AIB Bank for 38 years and retired in 2018 having worked in retail banking, Private Banking and a range of Head Office Departments. He is currently completing an Advanced Diploma in Leadership & Executive Coaching and will shortly commence a Training and Development course.


Finbar believes in life-long learning via academic learning combined with practical experience in banking and financial services. He believes that the members are the focal point for all activities and the Institute of Banking should remain relevant to all members throughout their career. He recognises the changing face of employment and roles with the financial services sector as the industry diversifies further from traditional core retail banking activities.



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