Extenuating Circumstances

Change in Extenuating Circumstances Process

There is an extenuating circumstances fee applicable to students registered to level 7 and level 8 programmes. 

 This charge will be applied as follows:

  • Students may apply to the Programme Board for deferrals from an exam sitting based on extenuating circumstances. You can find details about the application process in the policy document below.

  • If the deferral is approved, a fee of 110 euro will be required to process the deferral.

The registration of a student on a programme involves many costs such as the provision of study material (both online and hard copy), programme support and preparation for assessment and examinations.  While a student may have justifiable reason to defer their place, most of these costs have already been incurred. 

Please note, for level 7 and level 8 programmes, students have the option of withdrawing from a module without charge provided they request to do so within the withdrawal timeframe. For information on level 7 and level 8 withdrawal dates please see the Key Dates 2018/19 Poster

We expect you to meet the academic demands of the programme you choose. However, you may experience serious, unanticipated difficulties during your time as a student with us. These problems could adversely affect your ability to study, complete assessments or attend required classes and other events.
They could include:

  • Serious illness

  • Hospitalisation

  • Accident

  • Family bereavement

  • Other serious personal or emotional circumstances.

They do not include events that can be foreseen, such as sporting or cultural commitments.

If you can describe and have verified the effect these difficulties have had on you, our boards of examiners can consider the extenuating circumstances when deciding on your academic performance. 

If you believe you have had to deal with serious difficulties that have prevented you from completing your course work or exams, you can complete the extenuating circumstances form

Extenuating Circumstances Form Post 25th May 2018

Return the form to Anne Cullen, Head of Registry, 1 North Wall Quay, Dublin 1 or alternatively you can email your completed form and supporting documentation to [email protected]

You can find the full policy on extenuating circumstances here. 

When it is appropriate, you can follow the procedures given in our policy on late submission of coursework