This video (3 minutes) introduces you to this short induction programme. You will also be introduced to the Institute including an overview of some of the departments that you will interact with during the course of your studies with us.

Returning to Study

Returning to study can be a daunting prospect. During this short, five minute video, one of our Programme Managers, Susan, describes her own return to study and some insightful advice about how you might approach your own return.

MyInstitute Guide


This two minute video outlines how and when you will access manuals during your studies with us

Learning Plans

The learning plan is the roadmap to your studies. This two minute video outlines what you might find useful in your learning plan.

Lectures and Workshops

If your module is supported by a lecture or workshop then this 6 minute video will be useful for you.

Sitting an Exam

In the lead up to your exam, this 5 minute video will be invaluable to you in terms of what to expect about the logistics of your exam.

 Student Feedback