We are accepting applications for our spring 2019 Cohorts in Cambridge and Dublin.  The Programme Manager, Denise King, would be delighted to discuss the programme with you directly.

Who is this programme for?

The Certified Bank Director programme is targeted at executive and non-executive directors of the main and subsidiary boards of banks. It will be highly beneficial, not only to individuals new to the roles and responsibilities of being a bank director, but also to experienced bank directors operating in a significantly changed regulatory landscape. This programme is also targeted at senior managers aspiring to be bank executive directors and/ or identified as potential future executive directors within their organisation. All candidates are advised to speak with the programme director, Dr Kate Cullen, prior to submitting an application form.

Benefits for you and your organisation

On completion of the Certified Bank Director Programme, candidates will:

  • Understand the essence of a bank, the banking system, the lessons from the banking crisis, and the likely future development of banking post-crisis including the implications  of Basel III
  • Appreciate the implications of recent regulatory changes and the legal, regulatory and governance framework relevant to board directors
  • Understand the components of bank capital and how banks’ business model and related risk taking activities and bank capital interplay
  • Know the components, measurement and control of bank risk, stress testing, funding and credit risk
  • Comprehend the unique risk profile of banking models, including the systematic and systemic implications of risk-related policies in the context of strategy and the relationship between risk appetite, profitability and stakeholder maximisation
  • Appreciate the efficacy of the internal governance processes and the application of best practice
  • Understand the behaviours required from well-functioning boards and the expectations and requirements of individual directors.
  • Understand the drivers of an ethical and consumer focused culture and how to embed this culture within the organisation.

Candidates play an important role in the success of the programme. Contextualising the programme material in the day-to-day experiences of participants is an integral ingredient of the Certified Bank Director programme. Active participation and discussion, where participants can draw on each other’s experiences, is encouraged and facilitated by lecturers.

The rewards from completing the programme extend beyond participating in the Programme itself. Certified Bank Directors become part of the growing Certified Bank Director network. These rewards, therefore, are derived, not only from an enhancement of your understanding of bank governance but also from: 

  • Development of a strong network of bank director and industry contacts from the programme 
  • Recognition within the banking industry as having embraced the highest standards in your profession 
  • Being part of a community of bank professionals who recognise the value of governance education and share similar values and beliefs in relation to best practice governance standards and 
  • Access to a forum (Certified Bank Director portal) for ensuring your own continuing professional development.

Award: Professional Designation

This is a non-accredited, open enrolment programme. On successful completion of this programme, candidates will earn the professional designation of Certified Bank Director from the Institute of Banking. The annual designation fee is €355 which includes access to the Certified Bank Director portal and attendance at two Certified Bank Director seminars/workshops per annum.

Delivery and Curriculum

The Certified Bank Director programme is delivered two times per year in Dublin and 1 per year in Cambridge. The programme comprises 9 modules delivered over 10 days across two blocks of five days’ duration each. A panel of subject area experts drawn from academia and industry lead each of the individual modules. The emphasis in the programme is on the application of key concepts to enhance the skills of participants and to create a learning forum where challenges can be explored and wisdom and insights dissected and shared.

Block 1 (5 days) 

  • Module 1 (1/2 day) Bank Governance I 
  • Module 2 (1/2 day) Bank Regulation 
  • Module 3 (1 day) Bank Capital (Including Stress Testing) 
  • Module 4 (2 days) Risk (I) Market, Liquidity, IRRBB Risk (II) Operational Risk and ERM (III) Conduct Risk
  • Module 5 (1 day) Credit (Risk and Philosophy)

Block 2 (5 days) 

  • Module 6 (1 day) Liquidity Management 
  • Module 7 (1 day) Analysis of Bank Accounting Statements 
  • Module 8 (1.5 days) Bank Strategy 
  • Module 9 (1.5 days) Bank Governance II


There is no examination attached to this programme. An assessment is attached to each module to ensure that the learning outcomes associated with the module have been achieved.

The assessment will take the form of a learning journal recorded by programme participants during and on completion of each block. A learning journal is a reflective log that records a participant’s learning experience of a particular topic/module. It allows participants to reflect on how their study and learning has developed during each module, what they are learning and the relevance or application of this learning to their own experiences in a work setting. The content of the learning journal will be unique to each participant and will reflect their experiences during the class and their own interpretation of the material presented. The learning journal will be evaluated and graded by the Programme Director to assess the participant’s knowledge, synthesis, analysis and development.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training and Life Long Learning

Certified Bank Directors have an obligation to develop and maintain the level of professional competence relevant to their positions and are required to complete 6 hours of CPD training per annum, one of which must be ethics-based. The Institute of Banking offers Certified Bank Directors a comprehensive CPD programme to help them meet their CPD requirements and to facilitate networking opportunities. The Institute also supports Certified Bank Directors through the ongoing provision of regulatory and best practice readings and updates via the dedicated Certified Bank Director portal.