Our Heritage


The Institute of Bankers in Ireland was founded in 1898 with 719 members. Andrew Jameson, of the distilling family and a former governor of Bank of Ireland, played a key role in setting up the Institute. The first president of the Institute was Charles Martin, then governor of the Bank of Ireland. The Institute founded a quarterly journal in 1899 - the journal of the Institute of Bankers in Ireland  which then became Banking Ireland and is now the online Newsletter.

The focus of the new Institute was on education. Its first goal was “to enable its members to acquire a knowledge of the theory and practice of banking, and to promote the consideration and discussion of matters of interest to the profession”.

This was not just empty rhetoric. From the beginning, the Institute committed itself to holding exams every May. Those who passed the two-part exam received the Certificate of the Institute.  

For the first examinations in 1899, candidates sat papers in:

  • Arithmetic and algebra
  • Bookkeeping
  • Commercial law
  • Political economy
  • Practical banking
  • French (voluntary subject)
  • German (voluntary subject)

Our partnership with UCD

A key milestone in our Institute was the partnership we formed with University College Dublin (UCD) in 1990 to develop and offer the Bachelor of Financial Services (BFS) degree. In 2006, we entered into a long-term strategic alliance with UCD to enhance and develop education and research in banking and financial services.  As part of this alliance, the Institute became the first recognised school of UCD. In 2011 the Institute became a recognised college of UCD.

A modern educator

We reached another milestone in 2013 when, after 115 years, we changed our name to The Institute of Banking. Our new name better reflects our vision and our membership base. Today we have 33,000 members working in banking, international financial services and in professional services firms. 

Our recent past presidents

Áine Mc Cleary, Bank of Ireland            


Bernard Byrne, AIB


Brendan Lynott, permanent tsb


Gerry Mallon, Danske Bank


Jim Brown, Ulster Bank


Liam McLoughlin, Bank of Ireland


Andrew Hastings, Barclays Bank Ireland


Robbie Henneberry, AIB Bank


Andrew Healy, National Irish Bank


David Guinane, permanent tsb


Richie Boucher, Bank of Ireland


Cormac Mc Carthy, Ulster Bank


John Trethowan, National Irish Bank






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