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11 July 2018 - Are you an agile leader?
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7 December 2017 - Top 5 year-end CPD queries

As the CPD year-end deadline draws closer, we've asked our CPD Team to give us a run-down of the top 5 queries they've been receiving.

  27 October 2017 - Will the next generation of leaders be different?
1_46.jpg 17 October 2017 - The role of culture in ethical behaviour
4_20.jpg 26 September 2017 - Personal Branding – LinkedIn tips
Our Director of Executive Education, Dr Margaret Cullen, recently hosted a webinar on Personal Branding, with Karen Morton (Marketing Mentor and Consultant) and John Harty (Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry). During the webinar, Karen spoke about the importance of connecting your personal brand and your social media profile. This three-minute video, from Karen, features tips on improving your LinkedIn profile. The video includes suggestions on keeping your profile current, being active, and the dreaded headshots…
c.png 12 September 2017 - Top 5 Customer Service queries
To give you a flavour about what kinds of questions we’re being asked this month, we’ve asked our Customer Service Manager, Gail Richardson, to give us a run-down of the top 5 queries.
b.png 14 August 2017 - Risk Culture and Business Performance
Dr Paul Quigley, Dean of The Institute of Banking, shares some insights into the world of Culture Risk
a_1.png 4 July 2017 - The Art of Instructional Design
When I tell my friends that I’m an instructional designer, they always ask me what that is…