The Institute of Banking Regional Committees



Wendy Carleton
Chair of the Belfast Region Committee

Denis Diggin_0.png

Denis Diggin
Chair of the South Region Committee

Kevin Fitzgerald s_0.jpg

Kevin Fitzgerald
Chair of the East Region Committee


The Institute of Banking currently has three Regional Committees:

Belfast Region Committee
East Region Committee
South Region Committee

The objectives of the Regional Committees are:

1.      To assist Council in promoting the objects of the Institute in its functional area;
2.      To provide a local co-coordinating point for members and students of the Institute;
3.      To provide a programme of activities for its members in conjunction with the Institute secretariat;
4.      To provide a channel for consultation between members and Council.

For details of your local regional committee members, click on the relevant link:


If you are interested in joining a regional committee please email Anna Kucieba, Member Services Manager, at and we will call you to discuss next steps.